Get Biotech Smart

What's New?

» Announcing Lesson plans are updated!
The many lesson plans we provide have been updated to the new NGSS
» Announcing is going to 2014 NSTA Regional Conferences!
Be sure to visit the GBS booths in Richmond -#239 and Orlando booth #1343. Watch teacher presentations for a chance at a free Kindle and to learn about free teacher resources!
»Announcing the 2012 Excellence in Biotechnology Education Award Winners.
The $5,000 award winners are ready to be
»Video – 2012 Biotechnology Teacher Workshop
View the teacher experiences at the 2012
summer workshop at Dupont Pioneer
»Video - Programs
View Laura Foell, United Soybean Board,
speaking about our teacher opportunities
» Presentation – Transgenic Plants: Gene Silencing PPT
Download a classroom ready presentation
on gene silencing
» Presentation – Award Winners’ Conference Presentations at 2011 NSTA – Indianapolis
Download the two 2011 Biotechnology Award
Winner Conference Presentations
»Lesson Plan – Understanding Hybridization and Reproduction
Students identify and compare the structures
and functions of the reproductive parts of a common flower and a corn plant.
»Lesson Plan – Stolen Soybeans
Students use electrophoresis techniques
to solve a mystery of stolen soybeans
»Lesson Plan – Artificial Selection
Students breed plants to have specific
traits through natural selection
»Lesson Plan – Face-to-Face with GMOs
Students develop their own genetically
modified organism and create social media to profile their organism
»Lesson Plan – Plastic Egg Genetics
Use plastics eggs to help students predict
offspring genotype and phenotype
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